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Divya's Journal
Rumours, Truths, and Thoughts

I think my auditions are going to be in late November. I'm wondering if I should do the Master Cleanse for a while, because my body has SETTLED into the low 130's, so I have to do SOMETHING to shock my body. I'm toning up quite a bit now, so that's super fab. I also fit into jeans that I haven't fit into in like 1.5 years- here's a pic.

Yep, so 11-12 more lbs to go and I'll be what I was when I first met John. I want to lose another 5 after that as a "buffer." Hopefully I can lose all this shit by the time I get to Colorado. That'd be nice, but like I said, I think I might have to shock my body a little bit.

Oh and I've increased my workout to about 2 hours. 10 mins warm up, about an hour of strength training, 30 mins cardio, then some more abs. I do roughly 600 crunches everytime I work out, so I HOPE that starts to show some time soon!
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